How do I find my Friends?
Here you can search for your friends by their names or email addresses
In the top search bar
After you found your friend click on + Add as friend button on top right corner of the box
In the pop box you can add your message (optional) and click on Add Friend Button
She or he will have to confirm that you are friends.
How do I invite someone to be my Friend?

Invite friends directly from their ihavegot profile. When viewing any ihavegot member profile, click "Add as a Friend" below their profile picture to send them an invitation.
Search members at: to find your friends.
When viewing a friend's profile, look at their list of friends - you'll probably find people you'd like to have as a Friend too.

Outside of

Go to Invite page at
This page has some way to invite someone:
    Invite via sending email to your friends by entering their email addresses.
    Search the people (members)
    People you may know
You can use our Yahoo! email contact importer to search your address book.
You can send invitation email to your friends via our Invitation Sender Page.
    You are only enter your friends email addresses and click on send button