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Emenac Incorporated's certificates:  Improving IT Help Desk Customer Satisfaction
Improving IT Help Desk Customer Satisfaction
Help desk support services have become the ultimate need of the hour for businesses as well as their customers. Thus, the provision of such services is becoming more and more common with each passing day. Organizations work a great deal to provide their customers with the best of IT help desk support by giving the agents the best of training, bringing in the best of technology and making many other arrangements. If the service is outsourced, they even work to be a part of the training so as to ensure that the agents have been prepared as best as possible, for the task. However not all the time do the organizations end up giving the best of services and of course, like everything else, here too, there is always a room for betterment. This is important to be realized and only with this religion would one be able to give out the best of service.

Firstly, it is important to know what problems the customers face and then assess the service ebbing given. If, for that, the organization needs to conduct certain kind of a survey, it must be done as it would help a great deal in bringing out the right results. Once the standard of service being given would be found out, the organization can use the results to compare it to the problems being faced by the customers. Then, wherever there might be the problems or concerns, changes can be made and things made simply perfected. Even for the changes to be made, it is essential to know the right ways of doing it. Planning out and implementing the right action is important or else, things can take the wrong turn.

Most commonly, the problems faced by the customers include long waits, CSRs not understanding the issue or being rude, closing the incidents without solving all the issues, lacking follow ups, recurring IT problems and failure to eliminate them, lack of training of the CSRs, the customers needing to talk with too many people to find a solution, absence of IT support technicians on weekends or other days when the customers still might need them and langue issues. The best way to assess the service being given to the customers is to conduct a survey amongst the customers. This can be done for the in-house as well as outsourced IT help desk service and the results found can help greatly in deciding what needs to be corrected. For the best answers and most authentic results of the survey, it is important to keep the information of the customers untold and conduct a rather anonymous survey so that the customers comfortably and confidently tell what they feel or experience. Conducting a survey time to time, for instance, annually or bi-annually, can be a god option.

Taking action on the problems found as soon as possible would work a great deal. This is essential because without a proper action, things can never be taken into the right direction. To make sure that things happen perfectly, receiving the customers’ feedback and working to come up to their expectations is something to take note of.
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