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I have a qualifier about feeding fat to dogs: Some breeds and my dog is one of them, a miniature Schnauzer inherit a propensity to increased lipase from fat consumption, which leads to pancreatitis. Even though she never had high fat meals, she's had pancreatitis three times and nearly died from it once. Her vet told me to keep her on a low fat diet less than 5% of her food and not animal fat. So the amount of fat that's safe depends on the dog's breed, size, activity level, and whether or not it has any known health issues.

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A lovely piece of property, with Edenic spots, it is today mostly a dusty, scruffy place, the air heavy with listlessness. Your statement is completely inaccurate and I can help but wonder if the right research was done for this story. With 3 km of pavement to walk or bike it is an enjoyable, entertaining walk for anyone who takes it. With exotic birds to greet you near the entrance, curious squirrel monkeys too cute for words, peacocks roam free and liven up every lawn. Giraffes and lions and the Siberian tiger, around the corner cougars, baboons and the ponies in the picnic area. Then on to see the jaguar and ring tailed lemur family. There are so many amazing animals and sights to see with every turn you take. Anyway you choose to discover the zoo it far from this dusty, scruffy place, with the air heavy with listlessness you went on to describe.

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